Who are you calling for O-Rings? Dichtomatik!

By Dichtomatik on 20 March 18 Article,Blog,Industrial Distributors

Over the decades, Dichtomatik has risen to be among the world’s most-used choices for seals, O-rings, and other sealing solutions.  The reason why is simple:  We specialize.  Where other companies might offer a wide variety of products, including O-rings, we focus specifically on sealing solutions and closely-related topics.

As a result, our expertise -and our inventory- are simply second to none.  When the world needs O-rings, they call on Dichtomatik, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


How Dichtomatik Leads the World in O-Ring Solutions 

  1. Massive in-house stock

We believe it’s safe to say that we have the largest on-hand inventory of O-rings among anyone in our market.  Shapes, sizes, brands, applications.  If your problem can be solved using off-the-shelf parts, we almost certainly have the parts to take care of it.


  1. Custom fabrication

If your problem can’t be solved with off-the-shelf parts, we can still be your all-purpose provider.  We have extensive fabrication and production facilities capable of making whatever O-rings or other seals you need, in basically any size, quantity, or material.  As our old motto states – Any Seal, Any Time.


  1. Custom engineering solutions

It’s not even necessary for you to be able to articulate the exact solution needed, or provide your own schematics.  We have an extensive in-house collection of engineering experts who are there specifically to help solve sealing challenges that other engineers cannot.  If you have an issue where others have said it can’t be done, connecting with our engineers could easily bring a different answer.


  1. Kits and bagging

We are also a supplier to distributors around the world, as well as to organizations that have a need for pre-made all-inclusive solutions to distribute to field workers.  We can put together custom bags or kits tailored to your needs, complete with custom printing, barcode tracking, and other such features.


For The Best in Sealing, Turn To Dichtomatik

We are proud of our position as the world’s leading solution for seals, and we want to be your source for sealing solutions as well.  From off-the-shelf O-rings to global-scale engineering and distribution, contact Dichtomatik today.