What are Gaskets and how Dichtomatik can help

If you’ve stumbled across this post, chances are you need a unique sealing solution but aren’t quite sure where to start looking or what type of seal you’re needing. Here at Dichtomatik, we offer an array of solutions with gaskets being one of the most prevalent requests. To start, it would make sense to understand what gaskets are and why they are so popular. Gaskets come in many different shapes and sizes that sit in-between two separate surfaces for the purpose of sealing and preventing leakage. They are created by using sheets of material which then go into a gasket cutting machine. Depending on the material, gaskets have the ability to resist certain chemicals, acids, extreme temperatures, pressures, etc. Similarly, the placement of a gasket is dependent upon its operating environment.


But why use a gasket instead of another sealing solution. One of the major reason consumers choose gaskets is the fact that they can be made to the exact specifications required, enabling them to tightly fill odd and irregular spaces. This ability prevents leakages that may otherwise occur with the use of a different product. Not only can gaskets fill unique spaces but they are also capable of sealing large applications successfully across a variety of industries and applications. There’s no better feeling than the peace of mind associated with a properly sealed application.

With all of these variables to consider, making a solid decision as to what type of gasket to purchase may feel a bit overwhelming. Fear not, our experienced team of engineers and sales professionals are available to examine your sealing challenges and provide you with solutions. For a complete listing of Dichtomatik Americas products and services, please call 800-328-2840 or visit us on the web at

Common Industries:

  • Mobile Machinery
  • Food & Beverage Industries
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Oil & Gas

Common Applications:

  • Pumps
  • Pipelines
  • Hydraulic Applications
  • Holding Tanks
  • Fluid Transfer Equipment