Under Pressure; A Case Study on How Service Helped a Valve OEM Save Time and Money

By Dichtomatik on 4 May 16 Oil & Gas

When uncommon parts become hot commodities and you need them now, where do you go?

Do you go straight to the OEM and risk long lead times? Or would you waste valuable time and money seeking out local shops where you pay the highest markup and receive zero price breaks? The answer is neither.

Your best option is to find a reliable distributor and service provider like Dichtomatik Americas.

In the southern states of Texas and Louisiana a well-known provider and manufacturer of valves and control systems faced a similar predicament.

This reputable valve manufacturer encountered many problems with its industrial seal suppliers. The seals and gaskets were constantly failing costing valve end-users significantly due to increased down time. Even worse, shipments from the large suppliers could not meet simple deadlines nor ensure the accuracy of the orders. As a result of this conundrum with the large manufacturers, the valve company came under extreme pressure from its own customers because it couldn’t meet their expectations.

After an exhausting search for suppliers of spiral wound gaskets, the company discovered Dichtomatik Americas, an expert provider of industrial sealing solutions and logistic services. Once Dichtomatik got involved, the valve manufacturer immediately saw improvements in product durability, shipment times and accuracy, and distribution services. Subsequently, the company saw improvements in its own production process and in delivery times for its customers.

Originally Dichtomatik was called to provide only spiral wound gaskets. However, within only four months, Dichtomatik became the “go-to” for both standard and uncommon sealing products. Because of the value and flexibility it displayed, Dichtomatik became an approved supplier for not only spiral wound gaskets but several other odd product types. Creating more value for the customer, Dichtomatik now holds custom gaskets in stock specifically for the valve manufacturer to ensure same day shipping.

In a hurting oil and gas industry where everybody tries to keep its inventory and working capital to a minimum, this supply chain solution became unequivocally critical for the valve manufacturer. The company now meets its customers’ demands in volume, quality and delivery time while still maintaining low overheard inventory costs. In other words, improved profit margins.

Today, Dichtomatik continues to provide several different product lines including Teflon®, coated o-rings, and hard-to-find thermoplastics to the valve manufacturer. Similar companies have also found extended value in Dichtomatik’s services such as customized bagging and kitting, and inventory management.