Solving Hydraulic Engineering Challenges with Freudenberg Hydraulic Accumulators

Dichtomatik Americas, a brand of Freudenberg, can now support our industrial distribution partners with Freudenberg products. Hydraulic Accumulators and Suspension Systems demand both the high quality materials Freudenberg can produce, and also the expertise behind the industry requirements and regulations.   Dichtomatik will support you with on-site engineering assistance, product recommendations, and inventory based on your requirements.

These great products are used in many market segments including but not limited to agriculture, construction, fluid power, and mining.

accumulators2What Are Hydraulic Accumulators?

A hydraulic accumulator is primarily used to regulate, store, and release energy within hydraulic systems, although they can also be used as suspension and shock absorbers in some situations.   Hydraulic accumulators are available in piston, diaphragm and bladder styles.  Depending on the type of accumulator, a diaphragm, a piston or an elastomer bladder separates the hydraulic fluid from gas within a pressure shell. The bladder holds a measure of air while allowing fluids from the hydraulic system to flow in as well.  The incoming fluid puts the air under pressure, creating a reserve which can then be quickly expelled as needed into the hydraulic circuit.

They can be deployed in a surprisingly wide variety of roles.   Roller coasters frequently use accumulators to provide the first burst of power to get the cars moving.  Construction equipment can utilize them to store and release power in a number of hydraulic mechanisms.  In oil rigs, they act in blowout preventers, as well as lessening pulsations which could unbalance liquid flow.

The Benefits of Hydraulic Accumulators from Dichtomatik

Backed by the engineering expertise of Freudenberg and Dichtomatik, our accumulators offer several clear benefits:

  • A wide product lineup with options designed for a variety of applications
  • Extremely high ranges in temperature and pressure tolerance
  • Long service lifespan – a hallmark of Freudenberg quality
  • Many options in bladder/diaphragm materials
  • Custom-engineered solutions available when no off-the-shelf part fits your needs

As world leaders in sealing solutions, we are proud to offer the very best products alongside our own engineering expertise.  No matter our customers’ needs, we work to find the perfect product to meet those needs – or make a new solution from scratch, if necessary.

For further consultation on the use of hydraulic accumulators in your systems, contact Dichtomatik Americas.

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