Gaskets On Demand

Gaskets on Demand

Standard and Custom Gaskets Made-to-Order

DICHTOMATIK Custom Gaskets

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Backed by a team of gasket cutting technicians and state of the art technology, Dichtomatik has the capability of cutting nearly any size or shape gasket for several different applications.


With stock sheets available in 20 different materials including compressed sheets, flexible graphite, nitrile rubber, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) we are equipped to provide you the most effective solution in the quickest time. All stock sheets of gasket material are available in thickness sizes of 1/32”, 1/16”, 1/8” and 1/4”. Additional materials and sizes are available upon request.

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How does a gasket cutting machine work?

Using uploaded dimensional data from sources such as CAD drawings, and manual entry, the machine reads the specifications and replicates the shape by cutting it out of the sheet of material.


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How do I benefit from the gasket cutting operation?

Do you like waiting around for parts while you’re pipeline or production line is down? With Dichtomatik gaskets on demand, you’ll get quality parts you need, when you need them. If you’re looking to try a new type of material but don’t want to fully commit to a full purchase order, our custom gaskets will help you in your trials so that you make the right decision.

DICHTOMATIK Custom Gaskets made in Texas

Dichtomatik’s Available Gasket Materials

    • NA101     Compressed sheets with aramid fibers, NBR rubber binder
    • NA201     Premium compressed sheet (Dupont Kevlar) with aramid fibers, NBR rubber binder
    • NA301     High Performance steam service sheet, NBR rubber binder
    • N60G       NBR Rubber, 60 durometer
    • NC101      Compressed sheets with carbon fibers, NBR binder
    • CA101      Compressed sheets with aramid fibers, neoprene binder
    • C60G       Neoprene rubber, 60 durometer
    • SA101      Compressed sheets with fibers, SBR binder
    • SB75G     Synthetic rubber (red), 75 durometer
    • CA999     Compressed sheets with aramid fibers, CSM rubber binder
    • GR001     Flexible graphite – no insert
    • GR101      Flexible graphite with SS foil insert
    • GR201      Flexible graphite with tanged insert
    • GR301      Flexible graphite with multiple high temperature foil inserts
    • TEF001    Pure PTFE
    • TEF101     Blue PTFE – Glass filled
    • TEF202    White PTFE – Barium sulfate filled
    • TEF301     PTFE – Silica filled
    • V70G         FKM, 70 durometer
    • E60G         EPDM, 60 durometer