Customized Kitting of Products

Customized Kitting of Products

We recognize that many repair jobs tend to require the same combination of individual replacement parts.  To reduce the time you spend in the ordering process and inventory management of each of these parts, we can create a packaged kit of what you need.  Our customized kitting can produce on-demand kits as well as those you would like to have as an in-house stock item, ready for the fulfillment process when you place an order.  Once set-up, our kitting option will provide a complete package of assembly parts kept on hand, becoming an integral component in saving time getting your equipment back up and running. Kits are an important time-savings tool for many industries including oil & gas, food & beverage, and many other industries where multiple parts are needed quickly for equipment repair.

Benefits of having Dichtomatik provide you with custom packaged kits:

– Part number consolidation
– Hands on setup
– Managed inventory
– Cost & time savings
– Convenience
– Continuous oversight and review

Program Setup:

With our comprehensive setup process,  we will create a custom kitting program for you to tackle any job and have readily available product at your disposal.

Through the process we will:

  1.  Work with you to determine quantity of each part that we will be assembling into the kit so that we package into the right sided box or bag and type. It is helpful to know where the kit will be used so we can provide a recommendation for packaging to withstand the environment, if needed.
  2. We will determine how many will be use in a specific period of time to ensure that we (Dichtomatik) put this requirement into our production schedule.  This will guarantee we have what you need, when you need it on hand. It is important for us understand fluctuations in your business, to ensure we have the appropriate safety stock readily available.
  3. We will also want to know if any additional pieces beyond the parts such as instructions or other items would also need to be added into the kit.

    Package labels can be customized to your requirements and can include a logo, barcode, part number(s), descriptions/dimensions, and package quantity along with batch and cure date information.

  4. Each kit is labeled with barcoding and part number on the outside for easy identification of contents. We will work with you to understand what type of barcode is needed for quick scanning, and inventory management.
  5. During the setup you will decide if there are any special handling requirements of each kit, such as individual packaging, etc. You will also specify how we should ship the kits to your customer/distributor partner if applicable.
  6. Custom artwork used for labeling, branding, logos, or images needed for the outside package or pieces are not a problem. Simply provide your image files as well as a sketch or file outlining the information which visually displays look required.  Provide vector logo file if necessary (outline full printing requirements).
  7. Throughout this setup process we will be documenting all information on our custom labeling & kitting questionnaire.


Whether you need items from Dichtomatik, Freudenberg or other suppliers, we will receive, sort, and package the components into one customized package – or kit.  Each kit could come with batch and cure traceability. 

With our continuous oversight of the program we will check in on an agreed upon timeframe – quarterly, bi-yearly, or yearly to discuss any adjustments such as inventory, content changes, packaging requirement, etc. that may be needed.  

To get started with our kitting program, contact a customer sales professional.