Sealing Solutions – 3 Things About Product Quality You Cannot Afford To Go Without

By Dichtomatik on 22 October 19 Article,Blog,Industrial Distributors,News

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DICHTOMATIK service encompasses far more than selling you a sealing solution.  In our culture, and in the way, we conduct business, we incorporate high-quality standards with our products, services, systems, and processes. From selecting the right suppliers to providing product support after the sale, you can be proud to use the products that you buy from DICHTOMATIK.

As an ISO certified company(International Organization for Standardization Quality Management System), we build robust processes to meet and exceed our customer’s quality requirements.


Here are the 3 product quality standards that you cannot afford to go without that are automatic with DICHTOMATIK:

  1. Our Sourcing team personally visits all potential DICHTOMATIK sources to ensure high-quality working conditions and raw product production standards before classifying them as a suitable supplier.
  2. Material & Dimensional spot checks. Products must meet tolerance, creep, rubber hardness, and tensile strength standards as outlined on DICHTOMATIK material spec sheets.
  3. Product development, testing, and analysis. Our team of professionals can and will provide you with the guidance you need to have quality products that are best suited for your application and running environment. Click here for a complete list.


blankWE ARE SERVICE is far more than a tagline. When selecting the right company to partner with, we not only look at price but we also look at how companies take care of their staff, their working conditions, established quality processes, and a long-term roadmap to success. DICHTOMATIK will never put our brand and your reputation behind any company that doesn’t align with our Guiding Principles.

The world relies on DICHTOMATIK – Do you?
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