PTFE O-Rings: Know What Dichtomatik Can Offer You

By Dichtomatik on 10 April 18 Blog

Dichtomatik is proud to be one of the world’s leaders in O-rings and other sealing solutions, and much of that is due to the vast stock we carry in-house.  We have different O-rings and different variations on each type, to fit virtually any imaginable situation.  And if the right O-ring doesn’t already exist, we can most likely custom-manufacture it for you.

A great example of this is our line of PTFE / Teflon O-rings.  These rings are an expensive solution to sealing under a wide variety of adverse conditions, and have different varieties available to suit your needs.

A Look at Dichtomatik’s Line of Teflon O-Rings

PTFE / Teflon is well known for its heat-resistant properties, and this carries over to the line of PTFE O-rings we carry.  These offer numerous advantages in industrial environments involving caustic liquids, including:

  • High resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, allowing use in even highly caustic environments
  • The wide temperature operating range Teflon is known for
  • Suitability for high-pressure environments
  • Non-stick properties prevent any damage to surrounding parts
  • High compression resistance, without compromising performance

Additionally, our Teflon O-rings avoid many of the problems associated with typical PTFE-based seals by including a separate core of different materials.  You can choose between a DuPont Viton and a silicon core.  Each energizes the seal.  The Viton core offers a very low compression set value, while the silicone core overcomes traditional PTFE low-temperature issues by improving cold performance.

The overall hardness rating for the Viton-core O-Ring is 90-95 Shore A, and is 85-90 Shore A for the silicone core.

Beyond simple industrial environments, these PTFE O-rings can be highly useful for:

  • Chemical processes
  • Oil & Gas
  • Semiconductor manufacture
  • Refrigeration engineering
  • Photochemical work
  • Food & Beverage handling
  • Polymer production
  • Dye manufacture
  • Paint and coating operations

These Teflon O-rings are available in all typical AS568 sizes from our Houston, TX warehouse.  Should you need PTFE O-rings in custom sizes, or with different cores, our custom manufacturing facilities and engineering experts are at your disposal.

Dichtomatik Is Here To Solve Your Sealing and O-Ring Challenges

The world turns to Dichtomatik for sealing solutions.  Our extensive worldwide reach gives us far greater economies of scale to call upon, coupled with world-class engineering expertise in-house.  Beyond custom rings and seals, we can also work with you to develop full custom kits including various parts, or provide full logistics and distribution services.

How can Dichtomatik solve your sealing challenges?  Contact us to let us know.