Dichtomatik’s O-Ring Cords & Sealing Solutions

Spliced O-Ring Cord and Extrusions

As experts in precision splicing and extruding, we provide

over 300 cord stock options made from numerous materials.


Splicing Basics

Splicing is performed in a climate-controlled environment through hot vulcanization to achieve the strongest and most consistent bond quality. We leverage our long history and extensive expertise in o-ring and buna o-ring splicing to formulate specific cord stock compounds with excellent low compression set characteristics.

DICHTOMATIK Splicing Machines in Texas

Splicing Machines

Presses with full digital temperature and time control guarantee a reliable and repeatable process. Butt cut (90°) and bevel cut (45°) joints are available to meet your sealing requirements.


Spliced & Bonded O-rings

O-rings are produced to RMA Class 2 tolerances and are always visually inspected. 100%.

Although spliced and bonded O-rings may not possess the same tolerances as traditional molded O-rings, they are an ideal solution for customers with low volume and/or non-standard size requirements.

Our expertise in materials and splicing techniques extends our ability to splice soft durometer materials (40-50), hollow cord stock, and offer cold bonding when the situation calls for it.

Download our complete list of on hand extruded cord sizes and materials.

DICHTOMATIK Budlar Products

Budlar Flexible Products

To find out more about spliced cord and extrusions, visit our partner Budlar’s website.