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DICHTOMATIK Custom Oil Seals

Shaft Seals

Our comprehensive line of oil seals or shaft seals cover a wide variety of applications including axles, engines, trailers and high-pressure environments. Generally oil seals are used to seal around a rotating shaft and provide protection from dirt intrusion while retaining an oil-based lubricant within the shaft.  Click here to check out the profile and application usage on our most common oil seals that we carry on the shelf.


Standard and Metric Seals

We offer sizes in standard and metric oil seals with interchangeable SKU’s from competitors such as SKF seal and National oil seal. Whether it’s a standard metric oil seal or an intricate AP cassette seal, rest assured you will receive the best quality at competitive pricing. Click here to get to our standard profiles located in our brochure library.

DICHTOMATIK Shaft-eze Sleeves

Reliability and Durability

From protecting precious bearings to sealing intricate gearing systems in power transmissions, Dichtomatik oil seals have the durability and reliability needed to maximize equipment performance.

DICHTOMATIK Transcom Brand

Transcom Brand

We maintain the Transcom brand as a symbol of our dedication to high quality products and dedication to customers. For over 30 years, each oil seal box with the Transcom logo represents our commitment to our customers and their success.

DICHTOMATIK Engineering Support List

Engineering Support

Our highly skilled engineering team offers technical support and will collaborate with you to develop an affordable oil seal that best fits your needs. Customizations of your oil seal such as size, color, material compound or application to further enhance your equipment and operation is available.