Fluid Power Seals

Fluid Power Seals

DICHTOMATIK Fluid Power Application

Fluid Power Applications

The highest quality in the quickest time; this is our promise to you with our comprehensive line of fluid power seals. Fluid power seals are primarily used in hydraulic cylinder applications where high pressure and fluid maintenance is vital for optimum equipment performance. Our high quality fluid power products will decrease equipment down time and improve your overall operations

DICHTOMATIK Custom made Fluid Power Products

Custom Made Fluid Power Products

Our hydraulic seal product lines will provide you with confidence that your equipment will operate in the most adverse conditions. Additionally, with the implementation of our computerized numerical control (CNC) machine, we are able to create high quality hydraulic seals and have them ready to ship in a fraction of the time.

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Engineering Products

Our highly skilled engineering team offers technical support and will collaborate with you to develop an affordable fluid power seal that best fits your needs. You can customize your fluid power seals to meet your specifications such as size, color, material compound or application to further enhance your equipment and operations.

Common Types of Fluid Power Seals



The NuPac is a precision molded seal that combines a u-cup with an o-ring. Under zero and low pressures, the o-ring pressurizes the lips of the u-cup causing it to create a seal. As system pressure increases, the o-ring is energized and forces the lips outward, changing its behavior from a squeeze type seal, to a traditional leap seal. The NuPac is suitable for temperatures between -40 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures from 0 to 6,000 PSI.

DICHTOMATIK Polyurethane U-Cups


Coming in two different compounds, nitrile and polyurethane, our comprehensive line of u-cups are ideal in rod and piston applications. Nitrile u-cups come in 70, 80 and 90 durometers and are ideal in low pressure, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Our polyurethane u-cups come in symmetrical and double-lip rod and piston asymmetrical styles that maintain a comprehensive water resistant seal.


Tee Seals

The Dichtomatik Tee Seal is a double acting seal that can be used as direct replacement for an o-ring. The T-shaped design prevents spiral failure that occurs with o-rings used in cylinders with long strokes. The tee seal has two nylon back-up rings that are anti-extrusion devices and this allows for the T-seal to function under much higher pressures than a standard o-ring.


Rod Wipers

Rod wipers are used to clear dirt, debris and other contaminants from the rod so that the primary rod-sealing elements are protected. Our rod wipers are easy to install by simply snapping or pressing in, and come in a wide range of materials and styles.


Wear Rings

Wear rings or guide bands serve no sealing function. Instead, they are used to maintain the concentricity of the rod in the bore so that the other sealing elements can function properly and don’t wear unevenly. Our wear rings are available in Nylon.