Fittings and Fasteners

DICHTOMATIK Fittings & Fasteners


Covering a wide variety of application in bolts, screws and tube fittings, our durable line of fittings and fastener seals, or bearing seals, provide reliable solutions from the easiest to the most complex problems.

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Engineering Support

Whether it’s protecting precious bearings to creating tight seals in threaded rod applications, you will gain the confidence needed to maintain your operations effectively. As your sealing solutions partner, we are also able to custom engineer a sealing solution that best fits your needs

Thread, Fastener and Bonded Seals


How Used

Thread, fastener and bonded seals are seals that are used to seal off potential leak paths on threaded fasteners such as bolts or threaded rods. Our line of fasteners are designed so that after tightening down the fastener in the assembly, the rubber of the seal will be compressed to the predetermined amount which will cause it to seal the clearance gap between the fastener and the mating components.



Fastener seals are intended to take the place of an o-ring in certain assemblies. By using a fastener seal there is no need to have an o-ring groove machined into the component that the fastener will pass through.