Solving Hydraulic Engineering Challenges with Freudenberg Accumulators

Dichtomatik Americas, a brand of Freudenberg, can now support our industry partners with Freudenberg products. Hydraulic Accumulators and Suspension Systems demand both the high quality materials Freudenberg can produce, and also the expertise behind the industry requirements and regulations. Dichtomatik will support you with on-site engineering assistance, product recommendations, and inventory; based on your requirements. These great products are used in many market segments including but not limited to agriculture, construction, as well as Oil & Gas.

What is an Accumulator and how are they used?

A hydraulic accumulator is primarily used to regulate, store, and release energy within hydraulic systems, although they can also be used as suspension and shock absorbers in some situations.  Hydraulic accumulators are available in piston, diaphragm and bladder styles. Depending on the type of accumulator, a diaphragm, a piston or an elastomer bladder separates the hydraulic fluid from gas within a pressure shell.  The incoming fluid puts the air under pressure, creating a reserve which can then be quickly expelled as needed into the hydraulic circuit.

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Not sure what size or type of Accumulator to use?  Download our sizing calculator and we will help determine the proper Accumulator to use for your application.  Please note, the model number generated from the sizing calculator is a guideline only. Once you complete the Accumulator Sizing Calculator, we highly recommend that you contact our qualified Accumulator product specialist to determine whether the recommended accumulator meets your specific requirements.

The Benefits of Hydraulic Accumulators from Dichtomatik

Backed by the engineering expertise of Dichtomatik, our accumulators offer several clear benefits:

  • A wide product lineup with options designed for a variety of applications
  • Extremely high ranges in temperature and pressure tolerance
  • Long service lifespan
  • Many options in bladder/diaphragm materials
  • Custom-engineered solutions available when no off-the-shelf part fits your needs

As world leaders in sealing solutions, we are proud to offer the very best products alongside our own engineering expertise.  No matter our customers’ needs, we work to find the perfect product to meet those needs — or create a new solution, if necessary.

For further consultation on the use of hydraulic accumulators in your systems, contact Dichtomatik Americas.