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DICHTOMATIK Custom Oil Seals

Oil Seals

Our comprehensive line of oil seals or shaft seals cover a wide variety of applications including axles, engines, trailers and high-pressure environments. Generally oil seals are used to seal around a rotating shaft and provide protection from dirt intrusion while retaining an oil-based lubricant within the shaft.  Click here to check out the profile and application usage on our most common oil seals that we carry on the shelf.

DICHTOMATIK Custom Molded Products

Custom Molded Rubber

We know that one size does not fit all. As an expert in custom molded rubber, we create a design exactly to your specifications. We engineer custom molded and metal bonded rubber for static and dynamic applications.

DICHTOMATIK Fluid Power Application

Fluid Power Seals

The highest quality in the quickest time; this is our promise to you with our comprehensive line of fluid power seals. Fluid power seals are primarily used in hydraulic cylinder applications where high pressure and fluid maintenance is vital for optimum equipment performance. Our high quality fluid power products will decrease equipment down time and improve your overall operations

DICHTOMATIK Transcom Brand

Transcom Brand

We maintain the Transcom brand as a symbol of our dedication to high quality products and dedication to customers. For over 30 years, each seal box with the Transcom logo represents our commitment to our customers and their success.

DICHTOMATIK Engineering Support List

Engineering Support

Our highly skilled engineering team offers technical support and will collaborate with you to develop an affordable seal solution that best fits your needs. Customizations such as size, color, material compound or application to further enhance your equipment and operation is available.