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Dichtomatik Standard O-Ring Kits

The table below contains a complete listing of the most common o-ring kit combinations.
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PicturePart NumberDescriptionMaterialColorShapeDurometer (Shore A)O-Ring QuantitySizesKit Contents
N70KITAS568 InchNitrile (Buna)BlackRound7038230Kit Contents
N90KITAS568 InchNitrile (Buna)BlackRound9038230Kit Contents
E70KITAS568 InchEPDMBlackRound7038230Kit Contents
S70KITAS568 InchSiliconeRed/RustRound7038230Kit Contents
V75KITAS568 InchFKM (Viton®)BlackRound7538230Kit Contents
QN70KITAS568 InchNitrile (Buna)BlackX Ring7038230Kit Contents
QV75KITAS568 InchFKM (Viton®)BlackX Ring7538230Kit Contents
BV75KITAS568 InchFKM (Viton®)BrownRound7538230Kit Contents
V90KITAS568 InchFKM (Viton®)BlackRound9038230Kit Contents
C70KITAS568 InchNeopreneBlackRound7038230Kit Contents
A75KITAS568 InchAflasBlackRound8338230Kit Contents
TEFKITAS568 InchPTFEWhiteRound50 (Shore D)38230Kit Contents
N75MDKITAS568 InchNitrile (Buna) Metal DetectableGreenRound7538230Kit Contents
E75MDKITAS568 InchEPDM Metal DetectableYellowRound7538230Kit Contents
S75MDKITAS568 InchSilicone Metal DetectableRed/RustRound7538230Kit Contents
V75MDKITAS568 InchFKM (Viton®) Metal DetectableBlueRound7538230Kit Contents
N70SPLKITSplicing Kit Inch Cord Sizes with Adhesive, Cutting Tool, Razor Blade, and InstructionsNitrile (Buna)BlackCord7035 Feet5Kit Contents
MN70SPLKITSplicing Kit Metric Cord Sizes with Adhesive, Cutting Tool, Razor Blade, and InstructionsNitrile (Buna)BlackCord709 Meters9Kit Contents
N8-90KITContoured Back-Up Rings, AS568 InchNitrile (Buna)BlackRound9029336Kit Contents
HSN70KITAS568 InchHNBRGreenRound7022012Kit Contents
SN70KIT/24Square Cut, AS568 InchNitrile (Buna)BlackSquare7024024Kit Contents
SN70KIT/30Square Cut, AS568 InchNitrile (Buna)BlackSquare7038230Kit Contents
N90BOSSKITAS568 900 Series InchNitrile (Buna)BlackRound9025012Kit Contents
N90BOSSKIT-2AS568 900 Series InchNitrile (Buna)BlackRound9021220Kit Contents
MN70KITEuropean MetricNitrile (Buna)BlackRound7040132Kit Contents
MN70KIT-1European MetricNitrile (Buna)BlackRound7038630Kit Contents
MV75KITEuropean MetricFKM (Viton®)BlackRound7550036Kit Contents
JMN70KITJapanese MetricNitrile (Buna)BlackRound7044435Kit Contents
K-FACE/N90ORS Face Hose Assembly ServiceNitrile (Buna)BlackRound902008Kit Contents
K-FLANGE/N90Flange Hose Assembly ServiceNitrile (Buna)BlackRound90707Kit Contents
K-BOSS/N90AS568 900 Series InchNitrile (Buna)BlackRound9024111Kit Contents
K-COMBO/N70Hydraulic Seal KitNitrile (Buna)BlackRound9062026Kit Contents
K-COMBO/N90Hydraulic Seal KitNitrile (Buna)BlackRound7562026Kit Contents
K-COMBO/S70Hydraulic Seal KitSiliconeRed/RustRound7062026Kit Contents
K-COMBO/V75Hydraulic Seal KitFKM (Viton®)BlackRound7562026Kit Contents
K-COMBO/BV75Hydraulic Seal KitFKM (Viton®)BrownRound7062026Kit Contents
K-COMBO/V90Hydraulic Seal KitFKM (Viton®)BlackRound9062026Kit Contents
N70WHSEKITWarehouse Kit, AS568 Inch. Cold Splicing kit and two piece brass tools for O-Ring Installation/ExtractionNitrile (Buna)BlackRound70133164Kit Contents
V75WHSEKITWarehouse Kit, AS568 Inch. Cold Splicing kit and two piece brass tools for O-Ring Installation/ExtractionFKM (Viton®)BlackRound75133164Kit Contents

Custom Kits

If you cannot find what you need from the list above, not to worry.  Dichtomatik can assemble and package any combination of Dichtomatik parts into an easy-to-use kit.  Simply complete our Custom Kitting Questionnaire then contact us to get started.

A complete outline of all the benefits our custom labeling and kitting program can do to help you save time and money is available here.