New Kalrez® 7375 Offers Outstanding Properties & Performance

Kalrez product market - chemical processing plant

The new DuPont™ Kalrez® 7375 innovative FFKM oil-seal products exhibit broad chemical and water/steam resistance properties required at high temperatures in chemical process industry applications. Kalrez® 7375 parts present excellent compression set resistance, exceptional physical property retention, and improved mechanical strength properties. Other Kalrez compounds have done the job over the years when faced with many of these sealing challenges.  How then will you know when to use this new compound and when you stay with what is tried, true, and reliable?

Three ways that Kalrez® 7375 would be a suitable upgrade or compatible compound for your application:

  1. Kalrez® 1050LF is a classic grade and longtime favorite for premium performance. 1050LF end-users will likely see a performance boost if they switched to 7375, especially if used in steam or hot water applications.
  2. If using Kalrez® 4079 or Kalrez® 7075 and broad chemical resistance is essential (including water/steam), 7375 could be a superior compatibility match resulting in enhanced longevity. 7075 offers the highest thermal capability but cannot support 7375’s chemical compatibility with steam.
  3. If lifetime issues or seeking to extend time between repairs are concerns when using Kalrez® 6375, end-users would most likely see a significant impact with 7375. However, transitioning to 7375 is not necessary if 6375 is executing up to standards.


Kalrez 7375 Benefits

  • Superior thermal stability (300 °C)
  • Excellent broad chemical resistance
  • Outstanding steam and water resistance
  • Available in most O-ring sizes: AS568, Metric, JIS (custom shapes upon request)
  • Combination of Kalrez® quality and Dichtomatik service

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Kalrez 7375 Material Data Sheet