Metal Detectable O-Rings, A Must Have in the Food & Beverage Industry to Avoid Product Recalls

By Dichtomatik on 10 October 19 Blog,Food & Beverage

Metal Detectable O-Rings are used in equipment that produce and package food.  During service, o-rings are exposed to temperature variations and corrosive clean-in-place (CIP) chemicals used during equipment sterilization.  Over time, o-ring materials can break down and fail during operation; causing material fragments from the o-ring to break off and enter the food stream. Without a way to find material fragments quickly, machine operators must shut down equipment to locate the contaminate source resulting in lost production time and loss of revenue.


blankMetal detectable o-rings from DICHTOMATIK are formulated with the specific rubber and metal combination that allows for easy detection using metal detection machines that locate and remove contaminated product quickly or by using metal separators.  Having an efficient inspection process to monitor product consistency and quality allows for worn o-rings to be found and replaced quickly to avoid product recalls further downstream once the product is placed on the shelf.


O-Rings & Sealing Solutions That Meet FDA Standards

The DICHTOMATIK complete catalog of food grade rubber seals meet FDA and food safety standards outlined under the Food Safety Modernization Act (2011).


Available Materials                                                    Best Use Running Conditions*


Blue – FKM                                                                   High acid and temperature resistance is critical

Yellow – EPDM                                                            Offers very good water and steam resistance

Green – NBR                                                                Use when working with oil and animal fats

Orange – Silicone                                                        Operate within a wide temperature range



The world relies on DICHTOMATIK – Do you?

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*This information is provided as a general guideline only