Customer Testimonial

By Dichtomatik on 11 July 16 Article

shafteze_oil seal_boxes_web“I recently visited a customer to try and switch him from another brand of radial shaft seals to the Dichtomatik Americas brand. I brought him unmarked boxes of both manufacturers and set them on the table and asked him to open the boxes. The only glaring difference was the color of the seals, as some were red and others were blue. I then asked the customer to pick up the seals and see if he could feel any noticeable difference, to which the answer was no.


I asked the customer to try the blue (Dichtomatik) seals in their application. Dichtomatik was kind enough to supply the seals to us as samples, so the out of pocket cost was zero for testing. Our client agreed, and the results were great. After a few weeks, not only did the client say that the Dichtomatik seals worked just fine, they even went so far as to say that they felt the Dichtomatik seals were of better, stronger construction on some of the sizes. We then advised the customer that there was a cost savings for using the Dichtomatik seals, and that was the icing on the cake. Also, informing the customer the stock replenishment would be more consistent over the current seals because Dichtomatik stock orders are worked weekly by purchasing and the others were maintained by branch manager.


In addition, the dual part numbers on the box gave the customer ease of mind transitioning not just the seals sampled but all the radial seals previously stocked from other seal manufacturers.   I would recommend that if you have a customer who is reluctant to change manufacturers, please give this method a try. It can save your customer money, while adding margin to your business, and supporting an IDC Preferred Supplier.”

– Jimmy Grimes

Account Manager / General Manager

Capitol Bearing & Hydraulics, TX.