Get To Know Our Customized Kitting & Bagging Service for Seals

Dichtomatik goes beyond the average distributor of sealing solutions.  We work with a wide variety of clients with many different needs, including those who are resellers or creating packaged solutions for their own customers. 

In such cases, we also offer a full kitting & bagging service for seals, with near-total flexibility in how the kits and bags are handled. Our end-to-end hands-on kitting & bagging service for seals is designed to meet your needs, whatever those needs may be.


What You Can Expect From the Dichtomatik Kitting & Bagging Service for Seals

1. A personal visit

Are you having trouble expressing what exactly you need, or see multiple solutions to a problem without knowing which is best?  Dichtomatik service professionals can visit your facilities or job site, then apply our own decades of expertise to finding the best possible outcome.  Our in-house engineers are second-to-none when it comes to creating great solutions for sealing challenges.

2. Unlimited bagging potential, with customization

Are you looking to resell?  Or to create cost-effective all-in-one solutions to distribute internally?  Whatever your needs, we can meet them.  Our bagging services can be fully customized with the products you need, and with the bags printed as desired.  We can include your logos, barcode tracking, or numerous other features to improve field usage.

3. Custom-tailored kits

If you have a need to create your own full kits of sealing solutions, Dichtomatik can be your all-in-one source.  Thanks to our vast inventory, you’d probably need to hire several different companies to otherwise assemble product kits.  Further, like the bags, these kits can be fully customized, created around you needs, and -if necessary- manufactured and distributed on massive scales.

4. Logistics and distribution service 

We have access to a worldwide network of distribution sources, and it can be leveraged to meet your needs.  We can offer highly competitive bundled pricing on the parts, the kits\bags, and the logistical services as well.  Few, if any, competitors in sealing solutions can offer the same turnkey services as Dichtomatik, much less at an affordable cost.  


Turn To Dichtomatik for Complete Turnkey Sealing Solutions

From our in-house engineering staff, to our global distribution network, to our vast inventory, to our kitting & bagging service for seals, we are the world’s top source for seals and sealing solutions. 

For more information about the services we can offer you, please contact us directly, or for more technical assistance, click here to connect with an engineer