Sealing Solutions and Technologies for the Food and Beverage Industry

As part of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, we at Dichtomatik have access to their full catalog of sealing products for industrial Distributors. This is just one way we ensure we are the world’s top all-in-one source for sealing solutions. Due to the highly engineered materials and sealing solutions conforming to Hygienic Design standards, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is invaluable to the food and beverage industry.

Bringing Top-Performing Freudenberg Sealing Solutions to Food and Beverage Productionshutterstock_248796688_process industryR

Few industries can create more unique and challenging sealing situations than food and beverage.  Temperatures utilized in production can range drastically, while all manner of organic and synthetic materials may be used during the production process. At times, maintaining incredibly tight tolerances is required for the final product to turn out.  Nor can the seals be allowed to alter the flavor of the product in any way.

In addition, of course, sanitation is of utmost priority. Every seal used throughout a food or beverage manufacturing plant must be entirely contaminant free, and capable of being used for long periods without in any way affecting the safety of the product. Freudenberg offers sealing solutions designed to deal with these exact issues.

Fluoroprene® XP, a material commonly recommended for use in food and beverage settings is shown to affect flavor minimally in a wide number of tests, and can remain functional even in situations where interior and exterior temperatures vary drastically.

Freudenberg food and beverage seals also fully conform to Hygienic Design standards and principles, to minimize any chances of contamination. Their product designs incorporate the Hygienic Usit® washer, a washer created specifically for these situations. It incorporates a secondary outer seal which hermetically closes off the area between the screw head and surface. Yet it remains easily cleanable, to prevent long-term contaminant buildup.

The combined manufacturing process of Freudenberg and Dichtomatik service allows for a wide variety of custom solutions. Should your food and beverage processing needs go beyond ‘off the shelf’ products available, we can work to produce custom products to satisfy your needs. If necessary, our own in-house team of engineers can be deployed to create a workable solution from scratch, built from materials tested throughout the food and beverage industry. 

Turn To Dichtomatik for Top Food and Beverage Sealing Solutions

Many of our clients rely on us for seals which will not contaminate or change their products in any way, and we consistently deliver.  To learn more about how Dichtomatik can overcome your sealing challenges, contact us directly.