Employee Spotlight – Nikki Benson

By Dichtomatik on 25 November 20 Article,Blog,News

Nikki Benson recently completed a great project to open the new facility located in Durham, NC. The objective is to shorten distribution time to the customers and to achieve sustained sales growth in new regions. A real mammoth project! But Nikki also enjoys facing challenges in her private life.

Nikki is a true “foodie,” as she explains, and loves to test restaurants and discover new cuisines. Besides sports, this helps her to switch off and relax in the evening. But since neither of these activities is possible at the moment due to the corona pandemic, she has come up with something new. Since the beginning of the crisis, she has been living with her family at her brother’s house in Michigan. “It is an enormous relief not to be alone in these times” she says. There she has now taken cooking into her own hands and creates great new dishes together with her sister-in-law, Rachel, every day. The whole family now enjoys delicious 3-course menus, great baked goods and desserts. She explains that the challenge does not lie in the complex recipes, however, but in the fact that she and Rachel have completely different approaches of cooking. While Nikki plans everything very meticulously and follows instructions exactly, Rachel is a very spontaneous cook who likes to experiment.

Now the two have made it their mission to swap roles. Nikki, who is also quite precise in her business life, told us that it was already a great challenge for her not to look at the clock when the chicken was roasting in the oven. “But with time, you learn to relax” she says.

This means you can always find new challenges for yourself in everyday life and grow beyond yourself.

View our video showing the Durham facility to learn more.