DuPont™ Kalrez® O-Rings: Ideal for Extreme Conditions and Chemical Compatibility

As one of the world’s most trusted sources for seals and sealing solutions, Dichtomatik is often called upon to find solutions to difficult problems.  We carry on this tradition at Dichtomatik US.  We specialize not just in selling O-rings and other sealing products, but in applying our knowledge of sealing materials to overcome challenges other companies cannot tackle.

One product that makes this easier is Kalrez®, by DuPont™.  Kalrez® products, such as Kalrez® 7075, are perfluoroelastomers specifically designed for use in extreme environments.  This makes Kalrez® a go-to choice for a lot of situations involving high heat or a need for chemical compatibility.

How DuPont™ Kalrez® Solves Difficult Sealing Challenges

When a seal needs to perform in high heat, or when in contact with caustic chemicals, most traditional sealing materials simply cannot handle it.  Standard commercial rubber materials turn to liquid in these situations.  Even materials like silicone have their limits, breaking down in temperatures above 260°C (500°F).

That’s when Kalrez® becomes so vital.

  1. Kalrez® Withstands Incredible Heat

Kalrez® was specifically formulated to remain stable even in extreme temperatures or pressures.  Kalrez® products can routinely survive over 300°C (572°F), and the most durable variation – Kalrez® 7075 – is rated up to 327°C (620°F).  This means there are situations where Kalrez® is the only viable sealing solution.

However, that’s only part of the appeal of Kalrez®.

  1. Kalrez® Chemical Compatibility

There are few sealing materials on the market which are as inert and non-reactive as Kalrez®.  According to Dupont’s™ testing, Kalrez® products are compatible with more than 1,800 chemicals.  This includes chemicals which are known to be difficult to seal, such as ethylene oxide, chlorosilanes, nitric acid, or chlorine dioxide.

This has made Kalrez® indispensable to industries such as petroleum refining, and all manner of chemical processing.  Seals made of Kalrez® last far longer, reducing maintenance costs and preventing damage done to other critical components.

When your application needs Kalrez®, very little else will do the job.

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