DICHTOMATIK Works with Steel Manufacturer to Reduce Lead Times and Provide Cost Savings

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A National steel mill manufacturer was experiencing a high number of work roll bearing failures. They had increased the line speed to the point that grease lubrication of the roll stand bearings was not acceptable and were forced to install a new automatic oil lubrication system. While this initially helped with horizontally configuring roll stand bearings, it had no effect on those vertically configured. Oil ran through the lower bearing position seal on the vertical stands creating a large amount of oil on the mill floor that created a safety hazard and was in violation of OSHA guidelines. Reducing the oil flow to eliminate leakage however left the bearings starved for lubrication and failures increased again–increasing downtime and revenue loss.


The initial project was brought to a regional distributor who then recruited the product and inventory experts at DICHTOMATIK. The first step was to conduct a detailed analysis of application and usage requirements. From this study, Dichtomatik designed a custom bronze impregnated high temp PTFE seal for the lower position of the vertical roll stands. This effectively sealed the lower bearing position when the lubrication system was delivering the recommended oil flow and reduced bearing failures to almost zero immediately effectively reducing down time, replacement bearing costs, oil costs, and potential OSHA fines. Expanded product offerings from DICHTOMATIK continue to provide our distributors with sealing solutions that reduce lead times, provide cost savings, and maximize productivity for their end users.  Estimated Annual Cost Savings = $100,000

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Dichtomatik, a subsidiary of Freudenberg, is a global provider of service and sealing solutions.  Dichtomatik services include boxing and kitting; customized labeling and bagging; and machined seals on demand.  Dichtomatik sealing solutions include oil seals, o-rings, fluid power seals, extruded cord, fastener seals, gaskets, and custom molded rubber.