Dichtomatik Works with National Food Manufacturer to Reduce Downtime and Creates a Seal Eliminating Food Contamination.

By Dichtomatik on 29 January 19 Blog,Case Studies

Seal Eliminating Food Contamination

A national chocolate manufacturer was in need of a quick and cost-effective solution that would reduce production downtime, provide cost savings; and create a seal that would eliminate food contamination from foreign materials.  Seals from the competitor had failed multiple times in the field causing metal contamination and shutting down machines for days at a time looking for the source.


Increased downtime kept production from running consistently and smoothly, resulting in revenue loss for the end user.

Eliminating Food Contamination


DICHTOMATIK’s engineering professionals were able to incorporate a trouble-free design using the existing hardware for easier installation. Confident that these parts would solve the failure mode, they were immediately put into production. The new seals performed better and eliminated lost production and reduced maintenance costs.  The distributor was then able provide their end user with cost savings, and a quality seal.


Since implementation in early 2018, the customer has not experienced any downtime, thus cost savings will continue to be ongoing and could be well over early estimates.


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