Dichtomatik Explains the Benefits of Using an Accumulator in all Hydraulic Systems

By Dichtomatik on 20 January 20 Blog


A hydraulic system may not currently have any accumulators in place, but all hydraulic systems are potential applications for accumulators. Hydraulic accumulators are used in a wide variety of industries to store energy; maintain pressure; dampen vibrations, pulsations and shocks; and much more.

Three Reasons why your Hydraulic System would benefit using Freudenberg Accumulatorsdichtomatik accumulator

  1. Energy Storage – Accumulators can accept, store, and release energy in the form of pressurized fluid to improve your hydraulic system efficiency. What this means for you is that your pump and motor will be able to perform well at peak times and will recharge your system when power demands are lower, allowing for energy conservation and savings in your pocket.
  2. Shock Cushioning – Pressure spikes are common with pumps. Having an accumulator near a pump will level out pressure variances which occur during standard operation.  Reducing these pressure spikes using an accumulator will extend equipment life and reduce maintenance costs.
  3. Supplementing Pump Flow – An accumulator used in your hydraulic system can provide you with cost savings by allowing for a smaller motor and complete hydraulic system that generates less heat, less energy, and reduce machine operation noise levels.

Accessories & Value-Added Services

With common sizes of piston, bladder, and diaphragm accumulators on the shelf, Dichtomatik also offers all of the charging accessories, mounting brackets, and repair kits you need to get up-and-running at peak efficiency. *We have the capability to charge a Piston or Bladder Accumulator for you before shipping!

Our warehouse in Houston, TX has a wide variety of accumulators, repair kits, and other accessories readily available. Not sure what you need? Our expert engineers and sales team are here to ensure you get the right accumulator for any job.

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