Dichtomatik Americas Can Be Your All-In-One Source for Sealing Technologies and Solutions

Dichtomatik has seen a lot of competitors come and go.  Generally, these competitors are generalists – suppliers making a wide variety of parts and engineering solutions.  However, in all our time, Dichtomatik has remained proudly specialized.

As a result, we are the world’s source for sealing technologies and solutions.  Others may have diversified, but we have found our true success by focusing entirely on sealing products and value-added service solutions.

If you have a sealing challenge, Dichtomatik Americas can meet it.

Exploring the Range of Sealing Technologies and Solutions from Dichtomatik

  1. Off-the-shelf parts

If what you need already exists, it’s almost inevitable that we have it in stock.  Between our warehouses in America and Europe, we have the world’s largest supply of sealing SKUs available – and generally in large enough quantities to handle with same or next day shipment.

  1. On-demand products

Do you need a solution that does not yet exist?  Dichtomatik can make it a reality.  We have our own state-of-the-art fabrication facilities for creating custom O-rings, gaskets, and standard seals when a part is urgently needed and you have to move fast to get back up and running.

  1. Custom engineering

Going beyond simple CAD-based fabrication, Dichtomatik also employs our own team of highly-experienced sealing engineering experts.  They can look at the design challenges you’re facing and create entirely original solutions to your problems.  If you need a solution, connect with our engineers.  We can also be an excellent cost-effective partner for developing and testing prototypes for upcoming products.

  1. Kits and bagging

Do you need the capability to ship standardized kits or bags throughout your facilities or other operations, for on-site repairs and work?  Dichtomatik can help!  We offer full kitting and bagging services, along with options such as barcode tracking and custom branding on the bags.  We’re among the most cost-effective solutions on the market for distributing standardized sealing kits.

  1. Logistics services

Finally, Dichtomatik has extremely strong and widespread supply and distribution lines spread around the world.  We can help you solve your distribution problems – or even be your all-in-one source for seal creation, packaging, shipment, and logistics.

Doing One Thing Right

Dichtomatik has always been focused on our core competency: sealing technologies and solutions.  When you need the best in sealing products and services, contact Dichtomatik Americas.