Employee Spotlight – Nikki Benson

By Dichtomatik on 25 November 20 Article,Blog,News

Nikki Benson recently completed a great project to open the new facility located in Durham, NC. The objective is to shorten distribution time to the customers and to achieve sustained sales growth in new regions. A real mammoth project! But Nikki also enjoys facing challenges in her private life. Nikki is a true “foodie,” as […]

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DICHTOMATIK Works with Steel Manufacturer to Reduce Lead Times and Provide Cost Savings

Our Main Objective is Your Success!   Challenge A National steel mill manufacturer was experiencing a high number of work roll bearing failures. They had increased the line speed to the point that grease lubrication of the roll stand bearings was not acceptable and were forced to install a new automatic oil lubrication system. While […]

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Get To Know Our Customized Kitting & Bagging Service for Seals

Dichtomatik goes beyond the average distributor of sealing solutions.  We work with a wide variety of clients with many different needs, including those who are resellers or creating packaged solutions for their own customers.  In such cases, we also offer a full kitting & bagging service for seals, with near-total flexibility in how the kits and […]

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Solving Hydraulic Engineering Challenges with Accumulators

Hydraulic accumulators are used in a variety of different industries, for everything from agricultural applications to construction and mining solutions, offering engineers a range of options to overcome challenges. However, you might be wondering what specific problems they’re designed to solve, which is why the team of experts from Dichtomatik has gotten together this insightful […]

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Dichtomatik’s Response to COVID-19 3/23/20

By Dichtomatik on 24 March 20 News,Uncategorized

RE: Supply Chain Disruptions related to COVID-19 Pandemic To: Dichtomatik customers, suppliers, and business partners Dichtomatik Americas is continually evaluating the changing environment as it relates to disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are monitoring our position and the state of our vendors daily to mitigate risks to our customer base. Lists of affected […]

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Sealing Solutions – 3 Things About Product Quality You Cannot Afford To Go Without

By Dichtomatik on 22 October 19 Article,Blog,Industrial Distributors,News

DICHTOMATIK service encompasses far more than selling you a sealing solution.  In our culture, and in the way, we conduct business, we incorporate high-quality standards with our products, services, systems, and processes. From selecting the right suppliers to providing product support after the sale, you can be proud to use the products that you buy […]

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How to Properly Measure an O-Ring

By Dichtomatik on 10 July 19 Article,Blog,News

Measuring an O-Ring is quite simple when you have the right tools at your disposal. All that is required is a clean, level surface; an o-ring; and a measuring device such as a caliper or other measuring tools such as cones, gauges, and size charts all available from Dichtomatik. Connect to our ecatalog now to […]

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DuPont™ Kalrez® O-Rings: Ideal for Extreme Conditions and Chemical Compatibility

As one of the world’s most trusted sources for seals and sealing solutions, Dichtomatik is often called upon to find solutions to difficult problems.  We carry on this tradition at Dichtomatik US.  We specialize not just in selling O-rings and other sealing products, but in applying our knowledge of sealing materials to overcome challenges other companies […]

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Understanding Your Choices in Fastener Seals

One of the most basic, yet critical, decisions when putting together almost any piece of hardware is your choice of fastener seals.  At their most basic, fastener seals are simply a piece of rubber surrounded by a metal ring that acts as support.  Used properly, they eliminate clearance gaps between attached components, while also preventing leaks […]

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What are Gaskets and how Dichtomatik can help

If you’ve stumbled across this post, chances are you need a unique sealing solution but aren’t quite sure where to start looking or what type of seal you’re needing. Here at Dichtomatik, we offer an array of solutions with gaskets being one of the most prevalent requests. To start, it would make sense to understand […]

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