Our Durham, NC, Location

By Dichtomatik on 2 February 21 Blog

Finding a reliable company that offers quality sealing products at affordable prices can be easier said than done nowadays, but don’t despair, Dichtomatik can help you save both time and money. We help make finding the right sealing materials and custom solutions easy, expediting shipping and offering industry standard products at a great value. Our new 44,000 […]

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Employee Spotlight – Nikki Benson

By Dichtomatik on 25 November 20 Article,Blog,News

Nikki Benson recently completed a great project to open the new facility located in Durham, NC. The objective is to shorten distribution time to the customers and to achieve sustained sales growth in new regions. A real mammoth project! But Nikki also enjoys facing challenges in her private life. Nikki is a true “foodie,” as […]

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Gasket Types and Applications

  Understanding the Difference Between Gasket Types As we like to say, where there are pumps and valves, there are also gaskets.  Gaskets are critical components in fluid conveyance systems. There is a wide variety of types and materials that they can be made from.  Many of our most commonly-asked questions revolve around which gaskets are […]

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DICHTOMATIK Works with Steel Manufacturer to Reduce Lead Times and Provide Cost Savings

Our Main Objective is Your Success!   Challenge A National steel mill manufacturer was experiencing a high number of work roll bearing failures. They had increased the line speed to the point that grease lubrication of the roll stand bearings was not acceptable and were forced to install a new automatic oil lubrication system. While […]

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Get To Know Our Customized Kitting & Bagging Service for Seals

Dichtomatik goes beyond the average distributor of sealing solutions.  We work with a wide variety of clients with many different needs, including those who are resellers or creating packaged solutions for their own customers.  In such cases, we also offer a full kitting & bagging service for seals, with near-total flexibility in how the kits and […]

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Dichtomatik Explains the Benefits of Using an Accumulator in all Hydraulic Systems

By Dichtomatik on 20 January 20 Blog

  A hydraulic system may not currently have any accumulators in place, but all hydraulic systems are potential applications for accumulators. Hydraulic accumulators are used in a wide variety of industries to store energy; maintain pressure; dampen vibrations, pulsations and shocks; and much more. Three Reasons why your Hydraulic System would benefit using Freudenberg Accumulators […]

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Sealing Solutions – 3 Things About Product Quality You Cannot Afford To Go Without

By Dichtomatik on 22 October 19 Article,Blog,Industrial Distributors,News

DICHTOMATIK service encompasses far more than selling you a sealing solution.  In our culture, and in the way, we conduct business, we incorporate high-quality standards with our products, services, systems, and processes. From selecting the right suppliers to providing product support after the sale, you can be proud to use the products that you buy […]

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Metal Detectable O-Rings, A Must Have in the Food & Beverage Industry to Avoid Product Recalls

By Dichtomatik on 10 October 19 Blog,Food & Beverage
Metal Detectable O-Rings are used in equipment that produce and package food.  During service, o-rings are exposed to temperature variations and corrosive clean-in-place (CIP) chemicals used during equipment sterilization.  Over time, o-ring materials can break down and fail during operation; causing material fragments from the o-ring to break off and enter the food stream. Without [...] Read more

Teflon® Encapsulated O-Rings – A Cost-Effective Solution

By Dichtomatik on 11 September 19 Blog

Teflon® Encapsulated O-rings, are popularly used to seal a variety of connections. These simple sealing solutions are produced in standard shapes including circular, d-shaped, x-shaped and square. Inside the solid core, rubber materials are typically composed of elastomers such as FKM (Viton®), and Silicone but other materials such as NBR (Nitrile), and Polyurethane can be […]

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How to Properly Measure an O-Ring

By Dichtomatik on 10 July 19 Article,Blog,News

Measuring an O-Ring is quite simple when you have the right tools at your disposal. All that is required is a clean, level surface; an o-ring; and a measuring device such as a caliper or other measuring tools such as cones, gauges, and size charts all available from Dichtomatik. Connect to our ecatalog now to […]

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