Benefits of a Kalrez® O-Ring from Dichtomatik

Dichtomatik is an authorized distributor of DuPont Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) parts. We stock an extensive inventory of Kalrez® compounds in a broad range of AS-568 O-Ring sizes and can ship those parts in a matter of days rather than weeks.

The Many Benefits of a Kalrez® O-Ring

Just because an O-Ring is an extremely commonplace and ubiquitous component, that doesn’t mean its importance can ever be overlooked.  In many applications, they are among the most important components, in terms of the amount of pressure they seal relative to their size and weight.

Of course, the failure of even a single O-Ring can be absolutely devastating to any high-pressure or high-temperature system.Kalrez O-Rings

Therefore, we proudly carry Kalrez®  O-Rings among our stock at Dichtomatik Americas.  O-Rings made of Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) are among the strongest and most reliable in the industry.  Between their outstanding longevity and their resistance to a high number of elements, it is one of the few materials that can handle extreme temperature, pressure, and chemical attack at the same time; making Kalrez® an ideal material to be utilized in even the most demanding of environments.


Why Highly Demanding Applications Need Kalrez® O-Rings

  1. Many variations for diverse needs.

DuPont has several different Kalrez® compounds, each with different properties such as heat resistance, hardness, and compression ratios which can be used for specific applications.  These perflourelastomer (FFKM) compounds in turn can be formed into O-Rings or other products of varying sizes and shapes, guaranteeing there are few applications for which an appropriate Kalrez® O-Ring cannot be found.

  1. Extreme chemical resistance.

One of the key attributes of all Kalrez® variations is its incredible resistance to chemicals – over 1,800 chemicals, in fact, along with plasmas and other unusual environments.  Acids, bases, amines, de-ionized water… almost nothing can successfully attack Kalrez, and that makes it highly valued in a wide variety of industries working with hostile environments.

  1. High heat capacity.

Kalrez has comparable heat resistance to PTFE (Teflon®), up to 327°C (620°F) in one formulation, but without Teflon’s tendency to start breaking down and releasing harmful fumes at higher temperatures.  This only adds to its value in hostile high-pressure/high-temperature environments which would challenge other O-ring materials.

  1. Superior longevity.

High levels of resistance in DuPont Kalrez® brings benefits beyond its ability to perform to spec in situations where other O-rings would fail.  These properties also mean that Kalrez® is extremely slow to wear and tear under most usage conditions.  Kalrez® O-Rings will generally require far less maintenance and replacement than alternative O-Ring materials – preventing needless and costly downtime.

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