4 Reasons Why Dichtomatik Oil Seals Are Top Performers

By Dichtomatik on 12 December 17 Article,Industrial Distributors,News

rotaryseals_mainDichtomatik is one of the world’s leaders in oil seals, O-rings, and other sealing solutions.  Our products and services are considered top performers and best-in-class in many industries, making us the go-to source for sealing products around the world.

Oil seals are one of our specialties, and there are plenty of reasons why we are trusted by some of the most prominent manufacturers and industrial leaders around the world to provide sealing solutions.


Four Reasons to Turn To Dichtomatik for Oil Seals

  • All the seals you need, whatever you need

We carry more than 12,000 oil seal SKUs in stock and ready to ship at all times – one of, if not the largest such selections anywhere in the world.  With our global distribution system, we can get you the seals you need on short notice, while still providing highly competitive pricing. 

  • Custom- and competitor-matching services

Need something that isn’t off the shelf?  We have dedicated in-house fabrication facilities capable of producing virtually any seal imaginable, tailored to your specific application and needs.  We can provide equivalents to many other company’s products, and at competitive rates. 

  • Highly precise manufacturing work

Since we specialize in seals and sealing solutions, our production machinery is tooled specifically with such work in mind.  This allows us to achieve a superior grade of oil seal than other manufacturers.  They have the reliability and durability to last in even the most demanding of roles. 

  • Full engineering support

We keep a staff of on-site engineering experts to assist in production of both standard and custom oil seals.  They can be put at our customers’ disposal to assist in finding solutions to problems other manufacturers can’t handle.  If needed, they can help you develop a new oil seal from your requirements, while still keeping the part prices reasonable.

Need More Information On Specific Parts?  Check Our Library.

We maintain an extensive internal technical library on our oil seals and other sealing products, including profiles and materials sheets.  Many questions regarding our stock and their uses can be found there.

However, if you have a problem which goes beyond the typical, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know how we can help!  Or, get in touch directly with our engineers for particularly tricky problems.