4 Reasons to Trust Oil Seals & Custom Solutions from Dichtomatik

By Dichtomatik on 5 March 17 Article

oil sealsThere are many companies selling oil seals and other sealing products, but only one who can say their entire business revolves exclusively around sealing solutions:  Dichtomatik.

For more than thirty years, Dichtomatik Americas has supplied the best in oil seals to companies and individuals across the continent. Our German parent company, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, has been providing sealing solutions across Europe since the 1850s.  Few companies, if any, could ever boast such a long history and dedication to the field of sealing products.

That level of specialization and commitment to one field pays off for you, whether you’re an engineer, an industrial supplier, or even an end-user hobbyist. We have the sealing solutions necessary to make your next project a success, whatever that project may be.

Why Turn to Dichtomatik For Your Oil Seals?

Vast Selection

DichtomatikUnder our TCM brand name, we carry more than 12,000 SKUs – one of the largest varieties of oil seal types available anywhere. If you have a specific application in mind, chances are we have an off-the-shelf solution ready to ship, at reasonable prices, at any quantity level you require.

Looking for alternatives to products from other manufacturers? We can match SKUs from competitors to provide equivalents – and at highly competitive prices.

Expertise On-Call

We have a staff of experts whose job is to talk to you, understand your projects, and recommend the best products to fit your needs. From sizes to materials to industry-specific needs, we’re proud of the individualized service we offer to all our customers and are happy to help in any way we can.

Custom Solutions

Working outside the box? We have full Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) facilities dedicated to the production of custom oil seals and other products. We can work off schematics you provide, or you can consult with our specialists to create the perfect custom solution to your engineering challenges from scratch. Since our system is computer controlled and based in die-cutting, there’s no minimum order. It’s also perfect for rapid prototyping.

Ongoing Support

If you’re engaged in a major project with ongoing challenges to overcome, we’ll be beside you the entire way. We stand by our sealing products, and will continue to work with you to provide new solutions as need arises.

You’re receiving the best in oil seals when you partner with Dichtomatik. Contact us directly to consult with our engineers.