4 Reasons to Trust Oil Seals & Custom Solutions from Dichtomatik

By dichtomatik-admin on 5 March 17 Article

There are many companies selling oil seals and other sealing products, but only one who can say their entire business revolves exclusively around sealing solutions:  Dichtomatik. For more than thirty years, Dichtomatik Americas has supplied the best in oil seals to companies and individuals across the continent. Our German parent company, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, has been […]

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Customer Testimonial

By dichtomatik-admin on 11 July 16 Article

“I recently visited a customer to try and switch him from another brand of radial shaft seals to the Dichtomatik Americas brand. I brought him unmarked boxes of both manufacturers and set them on the table and asked him to open the boxes. The only glaring difference was the color of the seals, as some […]

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How to Choose the Right Seal for the Job; Radial Shaft Seals

By dichtomatik-admin on 29 June 16 Article

How often do you encounter customers in search of a new replacement part, particularly radial shaft seals, or commonly referred to as an oil or lip seal? I’m going to venture and guess you or at least someone you work with has had to find a replacement seal for a customer.

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5 Tips to Help Maximize the Performance of Your Oil Seals

By dichtomatik-admin on 10 June 16 Article

“Often invisible, always essential,” is a phrase that our parent company Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies often uses to describe the role our products play although they may never be seen. Putting things into perspective, a single failed radial shaft seal (AKA oil seal) can shut down an entire manufacturing line causing a company to lose ten, […]

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5 Advantages of Machined Parts over Molded Parts

By dichtomatik-admin on 25 May 16 Article

Whether you are a multi-billion dollar equipment manufacturer, a nationwide industrial distributor, or a small hydraulic cylinder repair shop, these 5 advantages will help make you understand why machined fluid power seals, backup rings and O-rings from a computerized numerical control (CNC) operation are sometimes a better solution than traditional molded parts.

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Dichtomatik now provides machined seals on demand at fast lead times

By dichtomatik-admin on 18 May 16 Article

Newly implemented CNC operation gives customers the ability to order only the parts they need, when they need them. Houston, TX:  Dichtomatik announced its addition of a new computerized numerical control (CNC) operation to its list of capabilities and services. This new capability, located in Houston, TX, allows Dichtomatik to provide seals with fast lead […]

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How shaft seals helped an invention, help an industry, help the environment

By dichtomatik-admin on 10 May 16 Article

With EPA regulations becoming stricter amidst one of the worst draughts at the time in 2008, farmers and their equipment in California were left in the dust. Farmers were forced to dramatically cut equipment operating hours to decrease emissions. At the time, because of extremely fine sediment and sandy conditions, farmers’ spent the most time […]

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